Painted Dragons – Ctenophorus pictus – & brown snake at Largs Bay, Adelaide. 2014

These photos were taken a while ago but I really enjoyed that day and I wanted to share them again.

I went to Largs Bay for the second time, but now decided to find a brown snake (Pseudonaja textilis). I asked some people there and they all told me it was easy to find one. They weren’t wrong!! after a very nice walk, I spotted a brown snake head trying to cross the path.

I am used to snakes in Europe, so when I see one I run to chase it, as they run away from us the second they see us. Things were completely different here!  The brown snake (Pseudonaja textilis) just looked at me and… began to slither towards me!! Damn! I am not used to that. I stepped back half step, and the snake didn’t hesitate and kept slithering crossing the path. It came quite close to me but very calmly and not aggressive. It crossed the path and hid behind a bush in silent. AMAZING 😀                          The video of it:

Well, but this wasn’t all at all. As I said, I enjoyed a nice walk in a very well conserved beach dunes areas. In Catalonia we only kept a 2 km piece of this, shame on us! I also had the luck to photograph these 2 male painted dragons (Ctenophorus pictus), with their absolutely amazing colours to impress the female… They were small and very fast, but they are calm while enjoying the sun. They let you get close if you approach them slowly.

Yellow painted Dragon (Ctenophorus pictus)

Orange painted dragon (Ctenophorus pictus)


Orange painted dragon (Ctenophorus pictus) in sand

Orange painted dragon  (Ctenophorus pictus)


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